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Travel on motorbike? Bicycles? Or 4 wheel drive? Cross the river on local bamboo raft? Experience the most amazing landscapes, conquer the highest peak of Indochina? South East Asia is perfect answers for aventure travellers. We have created a few packages focus on each part of the country or 1 long trip of whole country.

Since the facilities in some part of Vietnam is still poor, we will need the adventure travellers, once you choose this category in Vietnam to understand: there is no luxury hotels at some parts, but the reward is a lot more than that: fun times with camping or sleeping in a remote guesthouse, get lost somewhere on the way trekking/ driving, see the remotest village on top of the moutains, cook with the local…



If you are someone who expect to visit all the best attractions of the destination, you should consider all package tour beginning with the word “CuisinesTours”. We have a set of Cuisines options which will complete your desired list of best things to eat and best places to visit. Our local expert will provide helpful consultant and design best suitable proposals based on your trip length and special note on food.

In theory of Feng-Shui art, all food ingredients are divided into 2 groups: Yin group and Yang group. When cooking, if you know how to combine these two groups together, your food seems to be natural medicine to your health and can cure some basic diseases related to digestive, blood pressure, headache, limitation of cancer. This theory has big influence on Vietnamese cuisines and we will show it by selecting the typical delicious menu of Yin Yang food. Our local expert will showcase the short introduction about Yin Yang food and how to do it yourself at home.

About the meal, we always handy-pick the most typical healthy dishes in our menu which is the balance of Yin and Yang element to recover your health while travelling around Vietnam - our beloved country.



When talking about Hideaway beach relaxation in Southest Asia, many travelers think about Thailand or Bali but very rare to think about Vietnam or Cambodia which countries is quite poor about the global standard of the top luxury resort and spa even its beach is extremely fabulous and much more attractive than other neighborhood countries. In fact, there are many foreign investors "pouring" lots of money to build-up the finest luxury resorts and hotels in these countries, especially Vietnam. 

Let's join with us - our local experts - to discover new land and absorb new experiences and shocking  culture. Why not?



For who love to study about the culture and daily life of the destination they step on, our local expert team is very proud of showing the true beauty of our multi-culture and colorful daily life to our friends,tourists and travelers from all over the world. 

With a set of selected products (specialized on cultural values), you can expect to witness the real experencies when impacting with the local communities and communicating with them. In addition, revealing the local colorful culture is a rewarding gift during your journey. 

Some of our best seller products:

You can sit beside the host of the local family for chatting and enjoying the cozy dinner atmospher as well as savoring the most delicious Vietnam cuisines made by the skillful host.

One day to be a local and join with the local some farm works in Hanoi outskirt or inside Mekong Delta: feeding the ducks, go fishing with traditional technique, pick-up vegetables from garden then cooking for our meals (available lunch and dinner).

Participate in short 2-hour class of makong lacquer pating with the most famous artist in Vietnam

Experience Homestay in big cities or in northern mountainous area to get deep exploration about the culture of ethnic minorities.

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