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Vung Tau cuisines with 5 special local dishes

Dernière mise à jour : 9 févr. 2018

Vung Tau street food with 5 finest local dishes

Nowadays, Vung Tau is the hot spot of South of Vietnam for both domestic as well as foreign tourists who are love for food and beach. A long time ago, many local food stores, who specialized on selling noodle soup with pork, prawn pies, raw fish with salad, etc…, are very crowded with the diners.

Coming with us for a half day city tour, you will have a chance to visit some city landmarks and historical relics as well as tasting the amazing street food at this lovely place.

In the morning, let’s reveal the “treasure” of Vung Tau beach city with our escort guide with some stops at the famous iconic city landmarks

At noon time, let conquer Vietnamese exquisite food with our escort guide. Private transfer to the downtown and stop at the famous local food stores with high hygiene. It is about 2 or 3 delicious dishes which are popular among the local communities.

Here is some basic description about some dishes the local are very crazy for and can savor that every day in their life.

“Banh Canh Gio Heo” – Noodle soup with pettitoes

The noodle makes from rice

The broth makes from boiling the pork pettitoes and the rib so it is very sweet and soft flavor

The pettitoes will be cut into small pieces

How to décor it on the bowl? The seller with put noodle on the bowl first then pork meat, onion and other herb then pour the broth. This dish is served with the fresh herbs which maximize your flavor by adding more spices.

“Banh Khot” – Small fried pies with fresh prawn inside and fresh herbs

It is one of native local food which other foreigners love it very much. The technique is very skillful to make it successful.

At first, the local mixture the rice flour with water then pour it on the pan and fried it out. After 1 minute, they put raw prawn on the top of the cake. When the prawn become pink, we can take it out of the pan and put it on the plate. This food is served with the fresh vegetables (borecole, salad and herbs). The price is around $1.5 - $2 per person.

“Goi Ca Mai” – Raw fish salad

Besides famous seafood such as: snails, crab, squid, etc…Raw fish salad is emerging the specialty of Vung Tau city even it is a little bit challenging for the first time tasting. The top secret is to choose the most fresh fish, clean the skin, remove the bones. Then marinated with vinegar, lemon, garlic and chili to ripe the fish.

When eating, it is served with traditional native herbs to maximize the spices. The sauce is made from fish sauce, peanut, chili, sugar, lemon and garlic. When hearing you can think it is not quite difficult but it requires skillful hand to create the amazing delicious sauce. The price is around $5.5 per person.

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