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As the result of the overload traffic jam in Hanoi – the bustling capital city, Hanoi local government approved to supply Hanoi 03 double-decker bus which is served for Hanoi tourists.

In the beginning of June 2018, it is officially rolled over 25 streets in Hanoi city center with the bus fee of US$15 – 30 per person which is used within 4 hours or 24 hours. This is a flexible and convenient type of travel, it offers both the comfort & modern transportation and the highlighted sightseeing places of Hanoi. The car can accommodate up to 80 people, using GPS navigation technology, programmed automatically to ensure there is one bus in every 30 minutes at any point in the journey. Hereunder is the route of Hop-on-hop-off:

Almost the tourist sites are mainly the historic attractions and cultural sites with a wealth of interesting information, especially useful for the first time visitors. With free wifi, monitor system, they automatic sound system of the guiding information and pictures of famous places, our foreign tourists will feel as sweet as home.

The automatic, standardized, multi-language system of the tourist guiding offers the rich information about the historical meaning, traditional culture of each tourist place on the route. Tickets are available for purchase daily and at any time on the itinerary. Expected frequency of operation 30 minutes / vehicle: From 9h00 to 17h daily. Besides it, the two-storey bus also has facilities such as: camera; fridge; mini bar…

It is not only Hanoi but also Da Nang launched Coco Bus Tour includes two main routes, line 1 was opened on 19/8/2017 with fleet 12 cars. The bus departs from Danang airport through the city center to the south with 25 stops, about available every 30 minutes from 7h-22h daily.

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