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Proudly, with the declaration of UNESCO, Ban Gioc - Cao Bang Geopark is the second largest geological park in Vietnam after Dong Van Plate, Ha Giang Province. A UNESCO global geological park should be large enough to have a significant impact on local sustainable socio-economic development.

In real, our planet has only a total of 127 UNESCO World Geoparks in 35 countries and Vietnam has more than one Geopark which seems to be great victory.

This is a very significant event for not only the local in Cao Bang but also entire Vietnam country as the park is well-known for the collection of internationally renowned geological heritages of scientific, educational, and biodiversity, archeology, history, culture and society as well.

In fact, Ban Gioc - Cao Bang Global Geopark covers an area of ​​over 3,275 square kilometers, located in 9 districts of Cao Bang province, home to more than 250,000 people belonging to 9 ethnic minorities. So far, the scientists have discovered, evaluated 130 points of unique geological heritage, diverse limestone landscape reflecting a complete karst evolutionary cycle in the tropics. In addition to this, the park also contains many other geological heritage types such as paleontological fossils, boundaries between geological units, faults, mineral types ... This is evidence of a complex geologic development that lasted more than 500 million years in this area.

At the present, the Ban Gioc - Cao Bang Geopark is also famous for its famous attractions such as Phia Oac, Phia Den Ecotourism, Thang Hen Lake, Nguom Ngao Cave ... and especially Ban Gioc Waterfall , one of the four largest and most beautiful border crossings in the world.

The park is also a land of cultural history, with more than 215 historical and cultural relics. Vietnam was pre-occupied early, the capital of a feudal dynasty and especially the cradle of the Vietnam revolution during the resistance against the French colonialists.

It is known that Cao Bang province has been developing and implementing plans on environmental protection, nature conservation, rational use of resources, preservation and promotion of geological and biodiversity values, culture, history, ethnic traditions ... in parallel with socio-economic development, focusing on sustainable tourism development to promote the value of this park.

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