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Procession of applying Vietnam Visa

All Costa Rican travelers need to apply Visa enter Vietnam beforehand.

In reality, it is available Vietnam Visa on Arrival, however, you still need to apply Visa approval letter in advance. It takes you about 3-4 days to get this letter or faster for fast-track service (only 1 day to get it completed). Hereunder are 3 main steps:

Step 1: Submit the Visa application form, you can online download easily or book this services from Visa online website or your tour operator can do it for you. When register, please make right choice of Visa type, it is available:

· 1-month single/multi-entry Visa

· 3-month single/multi-entry Visa

You can choose to enter Vietnam at the international airport or on the road or on the sea way. At the airport, the travelers are accepted to enter Vietnam through any of 5 international airports such as Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Khanh Hoa and Ho Chi Minh City.

Please pay attention on your passport validity, it must be valid at least 6 months from your travel date. Otherwise, you can’t enter Vietnam.

Step 2: After that, you will get Approval Letter via email. When receiving that, please check it out all information on it to make sure all correct, otherwise it will be big trouble for your trip.

Step 3: You need to show this letter with your passport to the policeman at the airport/the check-points to get your visa stamped on the arrival. Please prepare some US dollars in cash beforehand, you need to pay for your Visa stamp fee. It has to be paid $25 for single-entry Visa and $45 for multi-entry Visa.

Nowadays, there are more Costa Rican friendly travelers who visit Vietnam – the country seems to be really different from their daily life.

Yên Bái - Vietnam

My friend – Mr. Huenink and Mrs. Susan who were born in Costa Rica. At firstly, we keep contact each other via email and he describes his home like a novel of “Alice’s wonderland”. He can hear the birds’ sound and sightsee the volcano from his house’s terrace which is really amazing for me who is living in Hanoi - the most bustling city of Vietnam and just hearing the noisy sounds of the modern city.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers the unique experiences including swimming with sea turtles, but travelers can also learn about coffee, cocoa and banana production. Their home is located in the magnetic green background of the beautiful gardens and volcanoes. There is no doubt that the local is as nice as their landscape.

When they are visiting Vietnam, I just dropped in their hotel then we hang around Hanoi Old Quarter with the last stop at one of Hidden Coffee Shops. This shop is on the 2nd floor and quite boutique one with the background of the 200-year-old ancient house. The host family still preserve one room for worshipping their ancestors, the very big altar is putted in the middle of this room. This ancient house is also perfect venue for who crazy for the ancient architecture or the painters, the photographers, etc…

Hidden Coffee Shop in Hanoi

The room for worshipping Ancestor in the ancient house

The specialty was introduced is Egg Coffee – one of typical character of Hanoi food and drink. We enjoyed sipping the coffee together while admiring the peaceful scenery of Hoan Kiem lake in front of us.

The rooftop of the coffee shop with amazing view of Hoan Kiem lake

The time flies and I must go home to pick-up my son at the kinder garden and it was time to say goodbye. For me, although it is just 3-hour meeting, we really enjoyed every second together, share about our life, the life concept and the cultural difference. In the near future, I will visit them with my family and witness how beautiful Costa Rica is.

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